OMG I Am Level 20!

Yeah, its true. I have just hit level 20 here on Gamespot. Finally a major milestone after all these years, blogging and gaming and stuff; all that hard work finally paid off. It was a tough road on from level 10 to here, it took me over an year to achieve this level. When at level 19, I thought it would never pass, actually as far as I can remember it took me about 1 month and 24 days to complete it where most other people could do it just under 3 weeks. And from what I have heard, level 20 also known as the Dead Level or the Danger Level takes eternity, for the regular speeders, so I am assuming it would take about 3 months for me. I hope the road ahead of level 20 is easier but I have to get over this hurdle first.

Back in 2000 when I first joined Gamespot, I never knew I would make it this far. In fact after loosing my original account, I was going to give up. But then something inside me compelled me to start over, and after an absence of 3 months I rejoined on January 2004. After that it was easy gaining level 12, which I actually got under 2 years compared to about 3 from the previous account. I also got a lot more emblems, probably because my understanding of the site grew too. Now, I have achieved level 20 now, and plan to go a lot further. With this achievement, I’m going to add new blog header for my profile.

And just for a quick review, here is a snapshot of my Gamespot status:

Profile Views 20,671 Friends 107 Games 245
Forum Posts 580 Blog Posts 52 Union Posts 15
Reviews 9 Games Rated 236 Videos 22
Images 12 Digg Referrals None Tags 1591


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