Official Matchups for September

You can find all the official matchups that are scheduled for September here. This list would be updated as more matches are set. Everyone should be checking this post periodically to check if they have a game coming up. Results would be appended as they are finalized. Exhibition matches don’t have team restrictions, but every player must still take a unique team unless authorized by the original user. Exhibition matches are not ranked!

Date Type Home Vs. Away Result
September 4, 2007 Official DESTROYER Vs. SMS SMS Wins by Resignation
September 4, 2007 Official SMS Vs. Xubayr Xubayr Wins by Conquest
September 4, 2007 Exhibition masOoOo Vs. SMS masOoOo wins by withdraw
September 4, 2007 Official UzEE Vs. DESTROYER Canceled
September 5, 2007 Official UzEE Vs. Xubayr Vs. SMS UzEE def SMS, Xub def UzEE
September 5, 2007 Practice Sherkhan Vs. Xubayr Sherkhan Wins by Conquest
September 5, 2007 Exhibition UzEE (Huns) Vs. masOoOo(Persians) masOoOo Wins by Conquest
September 5, 2007 Exhibition Xubayr Vs. SMS Vs. masOoOo Xub def masOoOo and SMS
September 12, 2007 Official East Coast Vs. Crusaders Pending

The list will be updated when, more matchups are fixed. Every game is to be started and completed within 48 hours (Except Weekends) after which it would be considered Draw. And both teams would get the points as per scoring policy.


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