Download Google Chrome Now!

The long awaited moment has finally arrived people. Google Chrome is available for download now. The news came after Google’s Press Conference which started today around 18:00 UTC. The rumors regarding the launch of this open source web browser had taken the World by storm today.

Fake sites had sprouted all over offering the so called browser with most just containing links to MP3s or trojans. The browser is said to be based on a radical new technology bringing an all new prespective to the life on the web. I will be posting my review on the first public beta soon so stay connected, and feel free to share your excitement below.

8 Responses to “Download Google Chrome Now!”

  1. Nurdiansyah Says:

    It’s Simple, Clean and Faster.. Thx

  2. Google Chrome Hands On Test Drive « UzEE’s Journal Says:

    […] Chrome Hands On Test Drive September 3, 2008 — UzEE I took the newly released Google Chrome web browser for a test drive today. I Had the official web page on refresh and so I had downloaded […]

  3. Page Hits soar over 20000% « UzEE’s Journal Says:

    […] Hits soar over 20000% September 3, 2008 — UzEE Yesterday, with the release of Google Chrome, my blog had seen a rise in page views of over 20000% from the previous day. This partly attributed […]

  4. chris Says:

    i have to test drive it tommorrow, from what i read it’s much more better for multiple tabs

  5. UzEE Says:

    Yes that is because of the Multi-process Architecture

  6. kingdom media Says:

    there are so many advantages and features with Chrome, such as it’s speed, for example; now if only they would take care it’s quirky cookie management…

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