Firefox gets Ubiquity

Web browser market is all set for a tough competitive season. Apple is getting ready to Launch Safari 4, while Microsoft is testing its newest iteration of Internet Explorer. And now Google has also jumped into the competition head on by launching Google Chrome. Needless to say that Opera and Firefox are also doing best to keep up with the pace of today’s industry. But is that really enough?

The product I’m showcasing today has just got into the incubator at Mozilla Labs. Its a project striving to give a common language to the web by helping us do what we want in our own way, and that is natural language. Its called Ubiquity. Before I explain any further, I’ll show you the presentation which Mozilla gave in their labs.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Empowering the people is really the way to move forward, and Mozilla is way ahead of the competition when it comes to this. While Google’s take on the web browser is helping the machine to do better, Mozilla are helping the users to boost productivity. Ubiquity, even though at such an early stage, is very powerful as well is addictive. I have been doing everything in the past few hours, from web search to my tweets to searching for that fancy word or videos on YouTube, and it looks very good.

I have been hanging around the labs for a while now, testing various projects but this one has really got me going. I’ll keep the updates coming as this further develops. In the mean time, you can share your ideas on this in the comments below.

Sorry I didn’t provide any download links yet as the product is at a very early stage and right now, you must absolutely be sure about what you are doing before downloading this. Here is a direct link to download:

3 Responses to “Firefox gets Ubiquity”

  1. DjFlush Says:

    Pretty amazing!

    It reminds me of accelerators from IE8.

    Nice review

  2. UzEE Says:

    Thanks. The accelerators from IE 8 are just a subset of what Ubiquity has to offer. I signed up for the development team and maybe I would write code for it one day.

  3. Prism reflects Web Apps to Desktop « UzEE’s Journal Says:

    […] basic edit options (Cut/Copy/Paste etc). This however didn’t appeal to me as I wanted to use Ubiquity here. But since this is at a early development stage, we can hope to see that extensions would find […]

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