Sony Recall VAIO Notebooks

See Below for updated information.

Did you purchase a new Sony VAIO in between May 2007 and July 2008? If so then you may have a malfunctioning system. Earlier today, Sony Japan had issued a recall for all its VAIO TZ series notebooks sold between the above mentioned date.

The problem this time, is not in the battery, rather its related to something in the power supply and the LCD connections. According to Sony:

“..there’s a risk of overheating leading to abnormal heat deformation of the enclosure and may result in injury…”

Even though the problem is currently reported in Japan, it may spread to other countries pretty much like the 2006 battery issue. VAIO are high-end notebook series produced by the consumer electronic giant Sony, the makers of BRAVIA and PlayStation. While usually these kinds of problems don’t occur in all of the produced items, Sony’s history has proved otherwise.

I will update this post as more news is revealed. In the meantime If you are one of those souls who had purchased one, then its best to ask the representatives on your area that if you are subject recall.

UPDATE: According to Chicago Tribune, about 440,000 notebooks have been recalled worldwide. This includes 19 different models of the VAIO TZ series produced between May 2007 and July 2008.

4 Responses to “Sony Recall VAIO Notebooks”

  1. Chris Franklin Says:

    God I wonder how much it will cost Sony this time lol. I actually considered buying one of their Vaios in that timeframe. Kinda glad I got a HP instead.


  2. UzEE Says:

    Chris I know what you mean. My cousin had been a Victim of the 2006 Battery recall. We had to send his Notebook from Pakistan to Canada from where it was purchased.

  3. Chris Franklin Says:

    That’s not good. I’m a little weary of their Vaios now. I mean this is the second time. But you know, they have the best laptop design. You cant beat em.


  4. UzEE Says:

    The only thing big about VAIO is their design… and the price. Probably one of the most over priced consumer products.

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