WindowBlinds 6.3 and SkinStudio 6.3 Betas in time for GUIC 2008

The latest version of the Stardock’s flagship products, WindowBlinds and SkinStudio were released to the public two days ago. The public betas are available for download to all subscribers via Stardock Central. The news came on September 2 on WinCustomize, when most of the world was waiting for the launch of Google Chrome. Here’s what the official press release had to say:

The betas for WindowBlinds 6.3 and SkinStudio 6.3 are now available on both Stardock Central and Impulse.  This comes at a perfect time as the 2008 GUI Champs starts in just over a month!  The most notable feature in this release is the new skinning option for layer blends, and the improved tree view and maximized edit windows in SkinStudio.

While most of the OS customization community have their eyes set on this mega event, the launch of newer versions would drastically change things. I had been an active member of that community for four years before changing my focus to software development, and I have a pretty good idea about what sort of impact would this new release have. When we asked about the level of impact this release would have on the championships, skinner Adnan Syed responded:

Of course, these new betas, with new features will give more ideas and more options to make a skin… I think these versions came out at the right time, just when the GUI Chapms are starting in a month.

These features will allow a skinner to use animations and layer blends… so i’m sure in these championships we will see skins of the new generation….

Stardock official and forerunner of the 2008 GUI Champs Spencer Scott further added:

Well one of the main reasons we pushed out the latest set of betas is the GUIC…

For those who don’t know much about WindowBlinds, it is a very powerful tool developed by Stardock that can completely change the look and feel of your windows (now both XP and Vista) by applying a new skin. This new skin could beautifully enhance the visual elements or could add whole new functionality to your OS.

Christmas Time Skin for WindowBlinds

Christmas Time Skin for WindowBlinds

While SkinStudio is the premier authoring tool for WindowBlinds skins, there are other alternatives, which includes using Notepad to author the UIS file and zip the contents into a WBA file. has a huge collection of skins for WindowBlinds along with various other libraries.

I would be bringing updates from the 2008 GUI Championships once they start but in the mean time, you can share your thoughts right here.

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