Plastic Logic demos a flexible display

1/3 of a MacBook Air

1/3 of a MacBook Air

Ok who else was busy drooling over the new iPods? Well I was there too, which made me completely miss this piece of innovation I bring today. On DEMOfall this week, Plastic Logic debuted its brand new technology; the Plastic Logic Reader. In short, it a extremely lightweight (in ounces), very flexible, touch sensitive display, which can be a great alternative to all the paper (be it books, files, documents, presentations, newspaper, magazines etc) you have to carry around.

Company’s CEO. Joe Eschbach delivered the keynote welcomed by roars of appreciation. According to him, plastic electronics would soon cost just about 40% of their silicon counterparts. This is due to the fact that these devices are actually made of plastic, which doesn’t have to go through such a long fabrication process as silicon. The result is a lightweight, robust, and flexible technology that can truly take the load of your shoulder. Technology analysts have long predicted that the plastic electronics would be around about $30 billion industry by 2015.

The future is here today

The future is here today

You actually don’t have to wait that long, as that technology is here today. Most of the keyboard manufacturers use flexible plastic circuit boards to capture key-press. This takes a lot of mass of the board. I remember back in early 90’s, my keyboard easily weighed a lot more than something I could easily carry, way too much than they weigh today. With that said, electronic readers aren’t new either. When this device comes out around Q2 2009, it would be going against eBook readers from Amazon, Sony and others. But it has a clear advantage of technology, which all others lack; plastic design.

For this purpose, the Mountain View, CA. based company has developed a manufacturing facility in Dresden, Germany. Most of the technology used in the reader is developed in house through years of R&D. The result is a product, that recognises touch gestures, is fast and responsive, has a battery life in days (not hours), and weighs around 1/3 of a MacBook Air. There were no words on the internal capacity of the device, but since it is mean for documents, even 512 megabytes would be like infinity. Other notable features include annotations that you can add on the screen, as well as built in organizer for managing the documents.

I’ll now leave you with their presentation video presented at DEMOfall, so you can also be amazed by this technology marvel, which so much resembles something from a futuristic sci-fi movie.

One Response to “Plastic Logic demos a flexible display”

  1. Phil O'Hara Says:

    I am personally wowed by this device. When released we might seem the same line-up of people and frenzy as occured around iPhone. I’d love to know how I get on the top of the list to get one these units.

    Here’s hoping it an international release as I’m in Canada.

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