Nintendo DS with Camera and Music comming?


Source: Kotaku

Gaming blog service Kotaku reports that Nintendo might be shipping a new version of its critically successful handheld later this year. This new DS would feature a built in camera as well as support for music playback. Now this may sound as another fanboyish joke, but their source is the official Nikkei newspaper, which is a respectable source of information. Read the rest of this entry »

Plastic Logic demos a flexible display

1/3 of a MacBook Air

1/3 of a MacBook Air

Ok who else was busy drooling over the new iPods? Well I was there too, which made me completely miss this piece of innovation I bring today. On DEMOfall this week, Plastic Logic debuted its brand new technology; the Plastic Logic Reader. In short, it a extremely lightweight (in ounces), very flexible, touch sensitive display, which can be a great alternative to all the paper (be it books, files, documents, presentations, newspaper, magazines etc) you have to carry around. Read the rest of this entry »

Facebook may be making over $100 Million virtually this year

Tell me who hasn’t heard about Facebook yet? Sure there may be some poor souls who still haven’t joined it yet, but virtually every single entity (bot or human) on the Internet has heard about it at least once. Facebook was founded in February 2004, as a closed registration website. It opened its membership to the world in September 2006, challenging the likes of Google’s Orkut and MySpace. Read the rest of this entry »

new iPods + iTunes 8 download

Today, at their Lets Rock event, Apple unveiled their latest lineup of iPods. The news wasn’t totally unexpected as images of the 4th Generation iPod Nano had already been leaked on the Internet. And Apple was due to make an announcement today, which came a couple of hours after when Microsoft had unveiled their plans for the new Zune. Read the rest of this entry »

Prism reflects Web Apps to Desktop

Prism for Firefox is an upcoming powerful extension that lets you create stand-alone web apps directly from Firefox. These applications run in their own process and have there own separate memory. This feature has been presented in other browsers as well, like Google Chrome, but Prism gives more flexibility even though it is still in the labs.
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Sony Recall VAIO Notebooks

See Below for updated information.

Did you purchase a new Sony VAIO in between May 2007 and July 2008? If so then you may have a malfunctioning system. Earlier today, Sony Japan had issued a recall for all its VAIO TZ series notebooks sold between the above mentioned date.

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