Firefox gets Ubiquity

Web browser market is all set for a tough competitive season. Apple is getting ready to Launch Safari 4, while Microsoft is testing its newest iteration of Internet Explorer. And now Google has also jumped into the competition head on by launching Google Chrome. Needless to say that Opera and Firefox are also doing best to keep up with the pace of today’s industry. But is that really enough?

The product I’m showcasing today has just got into the incubator at Mozilla Labs. Its a project striving to give a common language to the web by helping us do what we want in our own way, and that is natural language. Its called Ubiquity. Before I explain any further, I’ll show you the presentation which Mozilla gave in their labs.

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Page Hits soar over 20000%

Yesterday, with the release of Google Chrome, my blog had seen a rise in page views of over 20000% from the previous day. This partly attributed to the fact of my report on the sites claiming to give the browser before its release and partly due to the fact that I was one of the first to get the public release version of Chrome.

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Google Chrome: Web Browser of the Future

For quite some time now, Mozilla Firefox has been the web browser of choice in the desktop market. The open source browser is widely supported by a huge mass of developers and is known for its excellent extendability architecture. This fall however, the browser is going to meet its true match, and no its not Internet Explorer 8.

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Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 Test drive

I was reading about the new features of Internet Explorer 8 on Sizlopedia and decided to give it a test drive myself. I haven’t really used IE since the days of Windows 2000, when version 5.5 came out, so it took a while to get used to the new interface even though it debuted in IE 7. And since I am not accustomed to this browser, I will not debate on its features and improvements, nor I will compare it with Firefox or Apple Safari right now as it is at an early stage. Instead the main focus of this article would be the web surfing experience I got from this browser. I tested it on some of the most commonly visited websites and documented my experience on them. Read the rest of this entry »